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They can’t be trusted

We’ve always been more interested in the ecosystem in which photography functions rather then in the species itself; more intrigued by the economic, political, cultural and moral currency an image has then in the medium. We’re fascinated by how images are made but also how they are disseminated, and how that effects the way they are eventually read. Photographs are the most capricious objects — way less faithful then words. They can’t be trusted. So we need to be on guard just looking at them, never mind making them. We still take photographs, however. It’s just that we don’t radically discriminate between images we take and those that we find. We’re equally mistrusting of both.

Broomberg and Chanarin

Hurt people hurt people

It is an old adage that says “hurt people hurt people.”

It is well known that those who have been emotionally damaged tend to inflict their hurt and pain on other people. For example, a large percentage of those who have been sexually abused become the abusers of others; those who suffered under an alcoholic parent often themselves cause their future family to suffer because of their drunken stupors.

Vaskeriejer, fhv. cykelrytter

John Zangenberg

Dead finks

But dead finks don’t talk too well
They’ve got a shaky sense of diction
It’s not so much a living hell
It’s just a dying fiction.

Brian Eno

M(25964951) proven to be 42nd Mersenne Prime

One year after proving the 41st Mersenne prime, GIMPS finished double-checking every smaller Mersenne number than M(25964951) — proving that this prime is indeed the 42nd Mersenne prime. There are 47 known Mersenne primes. Mersenne primes are sometimes discovered out-of-order. It is not yet known if there is an undiscovered Mersenne prime between M(25964951) and the next largest known Mersenne prime, M(30402457).

Engang i fremtiden

Engang i fremtiden vil det være sådan, at hvor som helst i verden et barn fødes, vil det få tildelt et nummer, som skal være dets telefonnummer for hele livet. Så snart barnet kan tale, får det udleveret et lommeurlignende apparat med 10 knapper på den ene side og en skærm på den anden side. Når som helst man ønsker at tale med en eller anden medborger i verden, tages ”uret” frem, og man trykker den pågældendes nummer på knapperne. Herefter vendes ”uret”, og nu hører man den kaldtes stemme samtidig med, at hans ansigt kommer til syne i farver og tre dimensioner. Samtaleforbindelsen er etableret. Hvis man ikke ser eller hører den kaldte, er det tegn på, at den pågældende er afgået ved døden.
H. S. Osborne, AT&T (1956)

Memento mori

All photographs are memento mori. To take a photograph is to participate in another person’s (or thing’s) mortality, vulnerability, mutability. Precisely by slicing out this moment and freezing it, all photographs testify to time’s relentless melt.
Susan Sontag

The more specific

I remember a long time ago when I first began to photograph I thought, there are an awful lot of people in the world and it’s going to be terribly hard to photograph all of them, so if I photograph some kind of generalized human being, everybody’ll recognize it. It’ll be like what they used to call the common man or something. It was my teacher, Lisette Model, who finally made it clear to me that the more specific you are, the more general it’ll be.
Diane Arbus

Master space

In the original specification of the Computer Sciences Corporation 1107 Monitor System, which was eventually adopted by Univac as EXEC II, the FIELDATA “Master Space” (octal 0) code was used in card input streams to distinguish command and data cards. In their manuals, CSC and later Univac used the “▽” character, an inverted Greek capital delta, to signify the Master Space. Noting the resemblance of this graphic to the Delta printed for character code 4 by the UNIVAC 1004 some sites, including Case Institute of Technology and Chi Corporation, swapped the printer codes so that CPU code 00 printed as “Δ” and code 04 as “@”. The card reader codes remained the same; a 7-8 punch in column 1 signified a “control card”.